SARA-R410M freeze if I insert a different sim card

I have an Arduino MKR1500 NB board with SARA-R410M modem. Firstly I used with a Vodafone NB-IOT sim card, with this working well without issues.
But If I insert a different NB-IOT sim cards, it freeze after 5-10 sec and doesn’t response answer to AT commands. I have a telekom and hologram sim card.
I have a SIMCOM 7020 modem and in this working perfectly all sim so the cards are ok!

Firmware version: Revision: L0. [Apr 17 2019 19:34:02]

I wrote to Arduino forum as well, but I think it’s a modem issue, not the Arduino, because I use only AT commands, not the complex code for it.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

Hi Bakonyip95,

It seems you’re running into a compatibility issue with the ublox modem and your simcard.
Try running m-center:

Don’t forget to upload a passthrough sketch.

You may want to contact ublox and/or your provider instead.