SARA-N211 connection problem


I have problem getting my Sodaq SFF with SARA-N211 to be able to connect. I am using the tracker demo code for test. See the debug information in the picture below, please see if you see any problem in my settings. Thanks!

Hi @JohanRuben,

From the logs everything looks normal, you get a signal from the network. CSQ of 20 is actually very good. But you are not allowed on the network.

Are you sure that the hologram sim you have is working in your country with NB-IoT?
I see the band is set to 20, did you also try band 8?

Do you have the latest firmware version?

Best regards,

Hi. In the logs the APN is set to hologran, should it not be hologram? The MMC/MNC number 24001 is for Telia in sweden.