Sara N211, AT+NUESTATS command. What is the difference between the 2 parameters: power and total power?

The AT+NUESTATS command returns a series of parameters, that looks like this:

“Signal power”,-1175
“Total power”,-1094
“TX power”,230
“TX time”,3582
“RX time”,22430
“Cell ID”,11620236

In the commands manual, the parameters are described like this:

When I plot the 2 parameters, they look very similar, the total power seems to differ only because it is a bit higher:

Does anyone know what is the connection between these 2 parameters (and which one I could use as the RSSI - i am mentioning that i could not use the +CSQ command that returns the RSSI, so this is all i have)?

I could not find any documentation except the manual which does not give a very thorough explanation.

Thank you