SARA AT commands error


Got the Sara board last week in the workshop where i had to leave early…
Managed to install stuff and did get some response in the beginning but not anymore…
In demo program serial passthrue I only get :

Update !!
Above was with NO SIM Installed

When I installed the sim ( power off ) No repsonse at all when sending a AT command…

Maybe you have the same problem as I ? Check

Thx for the info
Tried it but response…
With SIM, AT cmd’s ( no matter what ) is not responding
Without I get responses AT=OK AT+NCONFIG? =ERROR

Dear @fsikkerm,

What is the module you use?
And what is the firmware version you use?

Best regards,

Its alive :slight_smile:

Seems I did it all wrong…
But thx sharing the data from the workshop…

Figured it out and works now …

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