SARA AFF R410M Universal tracker All Things Talk token too short

The Device Token required by All Things talk is too long to be put on the “att=” field in the Universal tracker
This is an example:
how can I solve?.
By the way the board connects OK to my server using UDP and my Italian provider, but no data on AllThingsTalk server.


After some test I found that the UDP packet sent to the destination address is completely different from what required by AllThingsTalk protocol that says:
“A packet sent by the UDP client should be formatted as follows:
If I send a correctly formatted packet (using UDP tool) the data shows OK on the dashboard.
So it seems that the format is changed since the Universal Tracker code was written.
Did someone had the same problem and how can I test the AFF R410M board with the Universal tracker?.

Hi @mcolombo,

There are different ways to send to AllThingsTalk.
Under the tab connectivity there is a short token you can use.
If you don’t have a short token in the connectivity tab please send your IMEI to

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I am using Sara R410M on NB-IoT network in Slovenia.
I am having problems with sending data to AllThingsTalk.
Is it still possible to use short token in any other network beside Vodafone NL?
I am using A1 Slovenia.

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Hi @Miha_King,

Yes, AllThingsTalk UDP listener should work also on none Vodafone NB-IoT network.
You may need to whitelist AllThingsTalks IP for your provider.

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