Sara Aff R410M data sent to AllThingsTalk: how to forward it to RPi Zero Node-RED?

I use the Sara Aff R410M board with KPN LTE-M sending data to All ThingsTalk.
I previously used the first NB-IoT boards which also sent data to ATT. Using MQTT it was easy to forward that data to my RPi Zero W server, show it on a Node-RED dashboard and store it in an SQLite database for further processing.
The demo program which came with the Sara R410M board sends the data payload to ATT in CBOR format.
I would like to forward my data again to my RPi Zero W server.

  1. Can I still use the MQTT function of ATT to forward the data?
  2. Do I have to use CBOR to send data?
  3. Does ATT support forwarding this type of CBOR data at all?
  4. What is the best solution to get my data at my RPi?
  5. In case it is possible: does someone have an example how to achieve that goal?

Thanks in advance,