SARA AFF N211 Connected by Vodafone - Source

Hi, i recently purchased one of the above. Its cool but I now want to star creating my own version but it would be great to be able to put the device back to how it is now and also use the existing code for refference on how to do things.

Is a copy available anu where?


Hi @SiBrasso,

I’m not entirely sure what code you’re referring to. I’m not familiar with Vodafone source??
It’s probably best to dive into AT-commands and how to use them.
You can send AT commands through the serial interface between the MCU en the N211. Each of those commands has it’s own purpose. Selecting the network type, provider, setting up a UDP connection etc.
I suggest reading the documents on
The product summary, datasheet, systems integration manual and NB-IOT application development guide are quite usefull!
Some info on how to use the most common AT commands provided by Sodaq can be found here:

Hope this helps!

Hi M.Bend

Thanks for this I’ll certainly take a look.

The “Vodafone” bit is part of the Sodaq product name.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area but my thinking was that the above comes with a program that is running on the board which is doing the out of the box stuff. e.g. a program, which is sending data to the site.

I have my own server which I want to write data to via JSON API so was going to upload a new program via Arduino IDE to the board thus overwriting the original program.

Hope this helps explain what I’m trying to accomplish.

Hi @SiBrasso,

I’m pretty sure the code on it will be similar to the code found here:

It’s quite a big chunk of code, but I managed to get some nice info out of it myself. But once again, not quite sure if it’s the exact same code. @Jan will probably know best. Let’s wait for his reply.