Sara AFF 412M not responding


I have bought two SARA AFF R412M boards.
One is working well, the other too since i do not insert a SIM-Card.
When inserting the SIM and running the passthrough example sometimes i get answers from the module and somtimes not, it seems that the processor is too busy to answer my requests.
It also seems that the module is rebotting by itself because when i, for example set:
I get immedatiely after
+CREG: 1,2
but after a while i get
+CREG: 0,2

I also checked the firmware on the module on both i find:

Any hints what else i can check?

Best Regards

Dear @elch273,

Can you send the command AT+CFUN=15 to remove the saved profile and then continue with the AT command you also us on the other board?

Let me know if this helps.

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Hello Jan,

yes this seems to work :slight_smile:
Thanks allot

Best reagrds,

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