Real time SODAQ one range testing on TTN mapper

The creator of has implemented code for the SODAQ one which allows us to do real time range testing with our nodes with the standard tracking software.
If people want to participate then just head over to ttnmapper or ttn slack and contact jpm to hook you up.
I was very excited but so far I am disappointed as I am struggling to get useful ranges out of my device. My other node, a simple Teensy based pinger seems to be doing much better. I am still looking into why this is.
I connect my nodes to my car’s USB charger and put the node just behind the window or the pastic roof. The SODAQ does not connect where my Teensy does. When walking or cycling I hook them up to a single cell lipo via USB.

Hi Paul, can you tell me where to find the code that allows real time range testing with SODAQ one? Thanks!

If you use the standard sodaq tracker software then you can connect your node to The Things Network. When that works contact @jpmeijers to have your sodaq added to the mapper site.