Hi there!

I am using a Sodaq one V2 board to make a solid single button gps logger. I’d like to have the pushbutton to be an on/off button.
For this, i have attached a momentary switch between battery + and the “external_switch” pin.
Power enable works great, however reading the external switch using SWITCH_SENSE / pin 23 does not result in anything. I also found that the switch_sense label and 1M/3M have been omitted from the schematic. Does this mean that it is no longer possible to readout the external switch position?

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Hi Kees,

I’m sorry to say but the Switch Sense functionality has been removed in V2 of the SODAQ ONE.
This is mainly because we saw that nobody (just you) used the on/off switching feature as it was intended (using a momentary switch) but every one used latch switch instead.
Since we had to put in a voltage divider (since we are switching VBAT), this caused a constant current to flow which people didn’t like, so we removed it :frowning2:

Hi Jan Willem,

Thanks for the response. I have attached the necessary circuitry externally to one of the external pins. And i will take caution to detach the battteries when the device is not in use for longer periods of time:-)