R412 Mqtt Azure / Aws etc

Is there an example that shows how to connect Azure, Aws or an other IOT service using Mqtt?

Hi @jbohrmann,

We don’t have Azure/AWS examples, but we have some basic MQTT examples.

Please read the MQTT section on the AFF FAQ page:
FAQ - SODAQ Support pages

In the MQTT library you can find a pub and sub example.

Best regards,

Hi Jan,

thanks for your help.
I saw this MQTT sample.
The secure communication using TLS and certificates seems to be the problem when connecting to the cloud services.
Could you provide an example how to use SODAQ MQTT Library over a secure connection?

Hi @jbohrmann,

I’m afraid we don’t have any examples available for connecting with TLS to these services or otherwise.

I would recommend that you setup the board with an AT passthrough sketch and then try some of the guides provided by uBlox for setting up the certificates and establishing a secure socket connection. https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/SARA-R4-Application-Development_AppNote_(UBX-18019856).pdf

If you are using our MQTT library, it uses a direct TCP socket from the R4X library. You will need to extend that functionality to add support for secure sockets. Alternatively, you could try the built in MQTT from uBlox, however, we have run into many issues with this.