R412 firmware M0.10.00


I have two boards with firmware M0.05.00 that I want to upgrade to the new firmware M0.10.00, A.02.14, but can’t find where I can download this firmware.


That’s correct. There is no download location :frowning:
You need to email ublox or their representative and they will email you the files.

Adelco is the ublox representative for the Benelux.

We are not allowed to make a download location for the files.

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I got the new files, but get an error when trying to flash the module with EasyFlash. Any suggestion?

Using USB port

Processing ‘SARA-R412M-02B M0 10 00 IP.dof’
Please TURN ON the device and don’t disconnect power supply
Waiting for device…
Device found!

Mobile Version report: PASS
Ext Mobile Mobile SW Rev: M0.05.00

-> Backup of legacy NV objects
Process time was 21.2 sec.

-> Backup of ublox legacy NV objects
Process time was 47 msec.

-> Backup of RF NV objects
Process time was 8.6 sec.

-> Backup of CONF NV objects
Process time was 5.0 sec.

-> Switching to emergency download mode
Waiting for synchronization…
Error occured!
[Boot failed!]

Please TURN OFF the device and press ‘Start’ to install the firmware

Did you start EasyFlash as administrator?

Rebooting the computer solved the problem.

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