R410m PSM not working as expected

I have set the PSM to sleep for 1 minute and wake up for 1 second then go to sleep. There is nothing occurring in the while loop.

I have checked the request with AT+CPSMS? and I get 1 minute TAU time (see screenshot)

However, the device stays 4 minutes in sleep and wakes up for 6 seconds. I have tried other settings, but the PSM TAU time stays at 4 minutes.

Do you know why?

PSM not working

Here is another example, setting PSM to 15 minutes, but it reverts to 4 mins.
15 min PSM

Hi @in06khattab,

You can request timers, but the network decided if you those timers will be applied.
In your case the timer you request is ignored or denied and you get the default in return.

You can contact your network provider to ask them which timers you can set.

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