R410 uBee module

Just started using some R410 uBee modules I received and notice a few things that worry me:

  1. ublox module is date code 18/50. ie a year old. Also version 02B-00 which I think is out of date.
    Is there any functionality loss or bugs in this version that will effect normal (vodafone NB) use.

  2. As above, can I assume the firmware will be out of date. I found a release note from May 2019 so I assume yes. Does this mean I need to update the firmware and if so how is this done?
    All I can find linked to the R410 ubee module is:
    “Ubees with SARA R4 modules can be updated with soldering an usb cable to the usb pins and turning the module on.” which is nowhere near enough information!

  3. On the uBee the level converter appears to be set to 3.3V. Surely with the R410M this should be 1.8V as per the 412M SFF boards I have? Do I need to change this before use?

This is a production date of the module. It is possible (on the ubee modules a bit harder) to update the firmware. I just checked in the store and the batch we have here it from 18/46 till 18/50.
You can contact your ublox representative to obtain the firmware update tool + files.

If you already have the firmware version you can update your module.
You can check if you have the latest version here:
I have updated the page a bit more to make it more clear how to update the ubee.
Let me know if its clear of if you need more information.

The voltage is converted on the ubee. You can supply 3.3V to the power pin.

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Thanks Jan, so that confirms the modules are a year old and will have out of date firmware. I will look at updating the firmware although this might cause me issues as my application processor is not an arduino!

On the last point, I think you missunderstood me. On the uBee board the level converter output is set to 3.3V. ie R14 is fitted. As the R410 has a core voltage of 1.8V I would expect R13 to be fitted to give a level shifter output of 1.8V.
Have I misunderstood the schematics (they don’t actually mention the R410 module) or is the board wrong?

You only need to turn on the power to the module.
The extra USB handles the communication / update to the SARA module.

Boards are tested before shipping, I could be that the R13 is only for the R412 and not for the R410.
I will check this with the hardware team.

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Hi Jan,
I think the instructions have confused me. If the programming is done via the soldered USB connection only, is the passthrough code loaded to the module itself?

I also have a problem. Our local Ublox distributor will not support us on this module as it was not supplied by them. They will only support on modules and dev kit supplied from them. Who do I contact to get support from ublox to get the firmware?

I will await your answer on the level shifters.

Hi Toby,

support@adelco.nl is the supplier for the Benelux.
They will also share the latest files with you :slight_smile:

Solder the extra USB and connect in the sketch just turn on the modem from your board.
I used the passthrough sketch as example since it will turn on the modem, but we won’t send commands from the rx/tx on the bee pins.

I have send it to the hardware team. They probably will answer today.

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Thanks for the adelco contact, I will see what they say.
Also, thanks for the update explanation, I understand now :slight_smile:

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Hi Toby,

Apologies for the late reply.

Would you be able to share a picture of the bottom layout of your board(s)? As you mentioned, the level converter should convert the I/O voltage to 1.8V (when using R4 modems).


photo here…
Google Photos

Hi Toby,

It seems that in the latest production the wrong resistor was populated, apologies for this!

While the module can communicate on a logic level of 3.3V, this is out-of-spec and not recommended in the datasheet. We will correct the remaining boards we have in stock.

Are you able to place a resistor or solder-jumper on the 1.8V position and remove the 3.3V-resistor yourself? If not, let us know and we will replace your boards as soon as possible.

Thanks for confirming that. I can do the mod myself.