Powering Bee pad on Mbili Rev 6b & Serial


On a Rev 6b board, i wuld like to use a LoRa module form ATIM (ARM N8 LW) that is mounted on a Xbee shield.

I remember from the TATU that it was necessary to do a D20 HIGH to power the Wbee pad.

Is this also necessary on the Mbili ?

Since i don’t want to use the GPRSBee lib, i have trouble understanding how power can be managed.

adding a question : communicating with the Bee pas on Serial is Serial or Serial1 ?

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Hi @laurentchivot,

This is not needed for the mbili 6b.

Serial is connected to the usb.
Serial1 is connected to the bee header.

Here we have an small example:

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