Power consumption Sodaq Mbili


I’m currently using the Sodaq Mbili for a project.
Now I’m wondering to now how much power the the Mbili itself is consuming. Excepted the components I’m connecting to it and the Micrcontroller, does the Mbili consumes some current? Because I can’t find any datasheet of it.

And is it possible to charge the Lipo Battery with the Sodaq board connected to USB? Or is only possible to charge it with the Solar panel?


If I remember correctly, in low power (sleep) mode you can get the Mbili down to about 200-300uAs.

Yes, the LiPo will charge when the board is powered via USB.


The Mbili will consume 10mA when its active.
This can be reduced if you disable the compunents on the mbili or into sleep.

The usb and solar are both charging the battery and are allowed to be connected at the same time.


Thanks to both of you.

I will look how to program it to put it in sleep mode for when it’s not needed to be in power mode.

Is there some led that indicates when it’s charging and when it’s fully charged?


There is a Yellow LED (LED4) which should be lit up when the LiPo is being charged. This LED can be disabled by cutting the solder jumper JP9.

See the LIPO CHARGER section of the schema:


I didn’t thought about to take a look on the scheme. And I didn’t took notice of it when connecting it to the board because now I suppose that the battery was charged so the yellow led didn’t lit up.