Poor performance by SODAQ

Your products are great but your customer service / delivery / logistics are pretty bad. After completing my purchase I received tracking number email, but the tracking just says “No tracking information exists for this consignment”.
Then Sander Veldwijk promises to make enquiries (9 days ago) and never gets back to me.
My emails shop@sodaq.com requesting and update remain unanswered.

So two weeks after paying for my order I have no idea if it’s even been shipped or when it might be shipped.
I think I kiss my money good bye and write this off as bad experience.

Dear @ebejsta,

I know the shop had some issues with our logistics company.
Can you send me a private message with your order details.

I will get back to you at last on Monday.
Today we have an event so I hope to have a bit of time for you to sort it out.
And tomorrow I have a day off.

Kind regards,

I can’t find how to send you a PM is I have emailed order details to info@sodq.com.

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I just confirmed with Sander about the issue. He is aware of your problems and is in contact with the courier.
For now I let handle Sander the issue. I made a note for myself that I will recheck the status of your package on monday.

Best regards,

Dear @ebejsta,

The courier does have issues with the track-and-trace. But they confirmed it is still in transit.
They told me it could take up to two to three weeks before it will arrive at your destination.

Let me know when you got your package.

Kind regards,