OTAA time out while waiting for joinAccept in RN2483


I have been facing an annoying issue when connecting my sodaq One to my lora network. I have kerlink GW that is connected to my backend through 3G, what I see is that if I try to register my node in OTAA mode through this gateway, I always get a rejection to my joinRequest.

Looking into my lora stack logs, I can see how the stack accepts the request to join from the node into the network, however, the node seems not to receive the joinAccept message back. So, I was wondering whether this could be a latency issue for the the node side, in that the joinAccept message has to go back all the way from my server trough the 3G to the kerlink. Being this time too large for the Rx window where the node waits for the joinAccept message.

I have looked into the RN2483 driver for some timeout and I see that there is a timer of 30000ms=30s before joining the network, how is this timer determined?

bool Sodaq_RN2483::joinNetwork(const char* type)


    return expectOK() && expectString(STR_ACCEPTED, 30000);

Futhermore, have someone experienced this latency issue when connecting through OTAA?

Thanks in advance