OTAA Config record is not valid, examples / hints needed


turns out I cant understand the part from manual:

Description Length
Fix Interval default uint16 (2)
Fix Interval alternate uint16 (2)
From (EPOCH) long (4)
To (EPOCH) long (4)
GPS fix timeout in seconds uint16 (2)

Do I have to send all of the values concatenated? how can I alter only one parameter? can somebody provide an example here or in manual?

I am not a coder, it is too difficult for me totally. If the answer “learn the code”, thats not my day, I f quit.


Every value has a fixed lenght.
Al not used values have to be filled with zero’s

Your pc is using big endian, the sodaq one and almost all microcontrollers use litteendian.
If the defined lenght is longer then one byte, you need to change the order.

12 34 -> 34 12
long (4)’
12 34 56 78 -> 78 56 34 12

example settings:
sample interval: 15 minutes
altenetive interval: we don;t want to set it
gps timeout: 120 seconds

15 minutes to hex -> 0F
defined lenght is uint16 -> 00 0F
endian swap -> 0F 00

All values together will result in:

I hope this helps you a bit.