NWSKey / AppKey truncated

I’ve updated a working version of the tracking software on a SodaqOne to the master on github, and it seems it now truncates the Appkey, it’s a base64 encoded string 45 characters long,
but after I started it up and set the keys through the serial monitor, the appkey only shows the first 33 characters
and after the 30 second wait it will Report that the Lora Settings are not correct

my wild assumption is that this line char _nwSKeyOrAppKey[32 + 1]; in config.h is the culprit

  GPS (OFF=0 / ON=1)         (gps=): 1
  Fix Interval (min)         (fi=): 15
  Alt. Fix Interval (min)    (afi=): 0
  Alt. Fix From (HH)         (affh=): 0
  Alt. Fix From (MM)         (affm=): 0
  Alt. Fix To (HH)           (afth=): 0
  Alt. Fix To (MM)           (aftm=): 0
  GPS Fix Timeout (sec)      (gft=): 120
  Minimum sat count          (sat=): 4
  OTAA Mode (OFF=0 / ON=1)   (otaa=): 1
  Retry conn. (OFF=0 / ON=1) (retry=): 1
  ADR (OFF=0 / ON=1)         (adr=): 1
  ACK (OFF=0 / ON=1)         (ack=): 0
  Spreading Factor           (sf=): 7
  Output Index               (pwr=): 1
  DevAddr / DevEUI           (dev=): 0004A30B001A249A
  AppSKey / AppEUI           (app=): <removed>
  NWSKey / AppKey            (key=): <removed>
  Num Coords to Upload       (num=): 1
  Repeat Count               (rep=): 0
  Status LED (OFF=0 / ON=1)  (led=): 0
  Debug (OFF=0 / ON=1)       (dbg=): 0
Initializing LoRa...
LoRa init failed!
The parameters for LoRa are not valid. LoRa cannot be enabled.
** Boot-up completed successfully!
The USB is going to be disabled now.

Nevermind, it looks like i was in between an update to the staging environment, recreating my device in the TTN Dashboard gave me an HEX Appkey instead of a base64 encoded one, the hex one worked