No URC issued SARA R410 M


I am trying to find why no URCs are issued when I am doing echo on my SARA R410

When using SARA N211 I always got an URC when I get an UPD packet on a socket.

Using the SARA R410 this does not seem to happen. Is there a setting I am missing?

I send a UDP packet to my own echo server via AT+USOST
I can see that I receive it and the echo server sends it back. I do not get an URC when it is received but if I wait a couple of seconds and issue AT+USORF on the socket I get the packet. So it is received. But why no URC that indicate that it is received?

I am trying to measure roundtrip times of packages and I can’t depend on waiting a set amount of seconds to see if the data came back. I need it as soon as it arrives.

What can i do?


Has @Jan any solution to the problem?


You can enable the urls with a command.
The full list of r4 commands can be found here:

What command? I have looked and I cannot find anything related to those URCs.


I still have not been able to get URC working. Do you know what commands?

Mine did give URC’s when I got it. You could try and d a firmware update, that way the module will gain factory settings. If that doesn’t fix it, then it probably isn’t a settings issue.


Yeah, As I understand it should be enabled. But I have 50 devices running passthrough and I don’t get any URC on data receive.

I am not able to do a firmware update.

Strange, I’ve never had this issue. According to the fact you have 50 devices I assume it won’t be a hardware issue.
What’s the reason you cannot do a FW update? It’s pretty simple to do, you just need a UART connaction to your PC and some free software.


I am already on the latest firmware. I now realised that you might have ment that I should do a firmware update to reset the module not to update it.

That’s exactly what I meant :wink:

@Krolken @M.Bend

It looks like that some board have a missing zero ohm resistor after assembly.
Can you check if there is a connection between these pins?
Can you let me know if this solves your issue?

Hi @Jan,

I have Looked at my board and it does not have the resistor you are refering to. Yet my module DID send URC’s back.
I have been working with the N211 the last time, so I’m not entirely sure on the fact that my R410 still sends URC’s. I will try to verify this if I have some time.


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I have added a bridge here and I receive URC’s now, but it can take a very long time even though when reading the response file, the data is already there and the connection is closed already.

This might seem ok but you can’t make another HTTP request until the URC has been received. Any chance I could get the latest firmware for the SARA-R410M-02B?


You have mail!

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Update on this:

  • Bridging the missing 0 ohm resistor allows URC’s to be sent
  • The URC delay for the HTML commands is due to the server I was talking to not sending a “Content-Length” header which causes the module to wait until timeout. This is a problem that uBlox advised me about.