Newbie Question - No COM/Serial port for SARA AFF R410M


I have followed the getting started guide on both a Macbook Pro and Windows PC. I have the both the SODAQ SAMD and Arduino SAMD boards installed from Board Manager, and have restarted my machines.

On windows I can’t see a COM port, and on the Macbook I don’t see a new serial port. I can get both the red LED and the blue flashing LED.

Advice greatly appreciated!

Update - on Windows my device manager shows as COM6: Qualcomm HS-USB MDM Diagnostics 903B. I’m still unable to upload.

On the Macbook, no progress.

The AFF board has two USB connectors, the Qualcomm is the USB directly connected to the ublox module.
You need to connect with the USB next to the simcard holder to upload a sketch.

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Thank you! Facepalm moment for myself, but I appreciate you taking the time to correct me…

All the best