New SARA-N2 Series Firmware?

According to members of this forum, there is new firmware for SARA-N2 series (SARA N2 production firmware: U06_57_A07.03_IP). It is also stated that there is CoAP support. This is something that I think a lot of members will find very useful.

However, this new firmware is nowhere to be found at ublox site and it seems that ublox doesn’t provide firmware upgrades at their site.

Should we expect this new firmware to be found at: like the previous one?

The topic that I found out about this new firmware is this one: NB-IoT datagram protocol documentation?

Now is password protected…
I mailed u-blox support and they answered that I should contact Sodaq to have the firmware.

I also just noticed that it is password protected. It wasn’t before. Maybe SODAQ is working on providing us that firmware upgrade…

The firmware files are under NDA, thats why we made it password protected.
We are in contact with u-blox about the files we can share with you.

Send me an email, , I will then contact you when I have files I can share with you.