Need help with Sodaq Ubee SARA U201!

Hello, I’m about to buy the Sodaq ubee, but I have some questions regarding the product’s schematic.
The schematic can be found here:

  1. I’m reading the schematic and there are some points I don’t quite understand.
    Are the R1 and R2 at the TX and RX internally connected to the module, or I have to put them manually later? (BLUE)

  1. What is the ON/OFF line at pin 9 of the header? It doesn’t seem to be connected to anywhere on the SARA. I had assume that it was connected to the ON/OFF port in the SARA part (RED)

However, the ON/OFF line of the header is active low signal, while the ON/OFF port for EN of the MIC94040 is active high, which means if I were to set the /DTR pin low, then the battery to VCC for SARA module will be cut off (EN = 0). The same question for the Level converter part.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m doing a project with my company so the part selection phase is very important. We want to understand the module wholly before buying it.

Hi @huy20296,

Sorry for the late reply.

  1. R1 and R2 are placed on the ubee.
  2. When putting this pin high it will set power to the sara module.
    You still need to enable to the module with the RTS pin.

The pcb will have the corresponding level converter with the placed sara module.

Hope this answers all your questions.

Kind regards,