[NB_IOT] Where to find all the documentation?

Sorry for being thick but I can’t see any documentation relating to how to use the N211 module in our own code. Being in the UK the example sensor app can’t talk to the NL networks and I’m trying to use AT commands to interrogate the device. Sadly I’m not getting much luck as even the simple / common AT commands simple return ERROR. eg. ATI, ATE1

I found a document on the UBLOX site with examples for AT commands but it’s not been updated to include the SARA-N range of devices. Examples in the document don’t work for the N211 either, things like display extended error reports. AT+CEER=? simply returns ERROR.

Please can someone point me in the right direction

documentation is a good point :slight_smile:

How about putting together a manual? Anybody willing to help? Preferred format is TeX.

Hey @picnix @buntspeXt,

Unfortunately, we can’t share the datasheet right now (it is till under NDA with uBlox). We shared all the necessary AT commands to activate and work with the module on our support page, please check it out.

You can contact your local Ublox supplier to sign and digital NDA and get the required documentation.
In the Netherlands you can contact Adelco
In the UK there are multiple UK suppliers

You can search your local supplier here:

BTW, is there any active UK network for NB? Do you have any SIM-card?

I am developing a desktop app to help in working with the AT commands.

I haven’t yet made it work with u-blox SARA-N2 AT commands, but to u-blox GSM/GPRS modules.
Let me know what you think, check: http://atcommander.io/