NB IoT Shield in Germany

Hello all,

thanks again for the workshop in Hilversum at the 4th of august.

Since then I tried to figure out, how I could get the NB shield working in Germany (expl. Berlin).

I was not successfull up to now, but I’m on the way:

  1. NB is available in germany in a number of cells, in Berlin not everywhere right now, but it is growing.
  2. the correct provider ID is 26201 so you have to change AT+COPS=1,2,“20416” into AT+COPS=1,2,“26201”
  3. never the less the SIM card from netherlands is not able to book into the german net (no roaming for NB at the moment)
  4. you nee a german SIM card hence, there is a prototype-offer at Deutsche telekom at the moment with up to 25 SIMs and access over an APN or the Telekom Plattform “Cloud der Dinge” (cloud of things - somehow similar to ATT as far as I understand).
  5. with the german SIM I think unfortunately you won’t be able connect to oceanconnect / AllThingsTalk anymore without registering in oceanconnect

I have ordered the german SIMs and I’m waiting to test it.

More as soon as I have made the first tests.


Same here. I’m waiting for a SIM. I want to use Telekom. You also or Vodafone? Do you knew the APN-data?

I’m going to use Telekom also. I’ve got the SIM after two Days, but I’m on holidays actually, so I couldn’t try it. The APN data is inside the letter with the SIM.

Are you going to use the “Cloud der Dinge” of Telekom (similar to AllThingsTalk) or directly connect to the shield? Telekom is supporting both, but you have to decide when you order.



now, after holidays and other things, I have my shield running in Telekom Deutschland network.

First I had trouble to connect to the network, but then I found out, you have to change the two paramters CR_0354_0338_SCRAMBLINGand CR_0856_SI_AVOID both to true.


Now it works fine !



Hi Helsch,

Are you connecting it using “Cloud der Dinge” or “AllThingsTalk”, which one is more practical to connect to?

I’m using Cloud der Dinge via MQTT-SN. For Deutsche Telekom you can actually use a private APN or Cloud der Dinge, it woluld not be possible to use All Thngs Talk with an german SIM Card.

Unfortunately the Sodaq NBIoT Libraries contain neither MQTT-SN Support nor is the UDP Implementation complete, so I had to to lot of work to get it running. As far as it runs stable here, I will provide the reworked Libraries here.


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Thanks so much for the information, waiting for the work you would share with us.

Noticed that my NB-IoT shield looses connection shortly after having crossed the German border. Reactions above try to buy another SIM card. I just would like to keep using my T-Mobile SIM, though.
Could anyone explain to me what I could expect to happen in the near future:

  1. Will I ever be able to get data out of my NB-IoT shield with a T-Mobile SIM in Germany?
  2. Is Sodaq / T-Mobile doing anything concrete to achieve that?
  3. When could I expect this to work, then?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

  1. Yes, roaming should be possible in the future.
    If everyone would like to post where T-Mobile / Deutsche telekom is working that would be nice.

  2. Sodaq can not do anything about this, it is the network operator who has to enable roaming.

  3. When could I expect this to work, then?
    Maybe it will work today. Only in the Netherlands is an nation wide NB-IoT network.
    In Germany only some locations are NB-IoT enabled.


as far as i understand roaming is not implemented for NB-IoT in the DT Network, neither in netherlands nor in germany. you will Need an german SIM from telekom to run your shield here.

By now I have my sodaq shield running with the Cloud of Things by Deutsche Telekom. I runs fine an the CoT is realy a better alternative to All Things Talk.

Unfortunately the Arduino Leonardo has very limited space for code, so I had to do a very small and rougth mqtt-sn implementation, there for I added UDP Support in the sodaq libraries and hat to disable/comment other parts of the sodaq-libraries, that i do not Need to get it fit into the Leonardo.

If anybody is interested in this code (udp-support and rought mqtt-sn) send my an email.


Hi @hlesch , I am nery interested in your udp-support code, facing the same issues as you

send me your email, i will send you the code

spoulimenos@asn.gr Thanks @hlesch !

sent you an email with attached zip.file

Hi @hlesch ,
I am also facing same issue to have UDP support on library. It would be great help if you send me same code on my mail id- gk@tdc.dk

Thanks !!!

hey @hlesch or others,

Please share the code/library that everybody could enjoy.
We are working on UDP support for our open source library. I’ll update when we will have something new :slight_smile:

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Hi Holger!
Yes, I am also interested in your UDP code.

Hi @hlesch,

I would be delighted if I could get your UDP + MQTT-SN NB-IoT code.
My mail: szdavid . opx (at)gmail.com

Hi Holger,

I am also interested in your UDP code. It would be great if you could send me the code to my email:


Hi @hlesch

I am also very interested in your udp-support and mqtt-sn code. Is it possible that you send it to: wentzler.m@gmail.com?

Thanks in advance!