Nb-Iot Shield & Genuino 101

Hi, I am new to all of this. I would like to ask after I plug in the shield on top of the Genuino 101, how to connect the two of them or check that the two are connected? I wanted to run the nb_iot test sketch but it says i need to declare the modem on/off pin and stream.

Thank you.

You could try running this sketch: http://support.sodaq.com/sodaq-one/at/

The sketch in its current form only supports a few boards. You will need to define a stream for both ‘USB’ and ‘UBLOX’, you may need to remove some of the compiler directives near the top of the sketch.

Okay thank you. May I also ask which pins are connected to the sensors on the shield? So for the temperature, barometric, accelerator and GPS are the connected to a certain pin in the shield?
Thank you.

Each of those devices communicate over the i2c bus and so use the SDA/SCL pins: