NB-IoT direct access to messages

Congratulations on the clear directions and smooth process, everything worked end-to-end within a few minutes!

Now for the real work: how can I receive the messages without using the AllThingsTalk dashboard? Is there a mqtt interface, http post, or other API to directly connect the device to my application?


OceanConnect (T-Mobile) is not (yet) a platform where we can manage the settings per device.
We have choosen ATT to land your data in a dashboard where you can store and display your data in a nice way.
And if you want you can get the data from ATT and forward it to your own server.

All Things Talk has an MQTT API


Hi Jan,

Thanks, that works just fine.


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For those interested: I have written a How-To on how to use the All Things Talk MQTT API to directly integrate with the NB-IoT datafeed: https://premium.nl/blogs/2725/ Herbert