NB-IoT Devices and the Scrambling Option Configuration

Hello every one,
We usually configure the shield to have the scrambling option either disabled (when connecting to T-Mobile NL) or Enabled (like in the case of DE Telekom or Vodafone). My question is , what does this scrambling stands for? is it the physical broadcast channel scrambling enabled by NB-IoT standard or is it some different application layer scrambling option?
If it is the physical layer scrambling,then how come T-Mobile NL is disabling it although it is mandatory in the NB-IoT standard?

for your info, the scrambling modification was added to the broadcast channel in NB-IoT standard because it was found that the broadcast channels were interfering with each other.

Any one has any information on what is this scrambling option referring to?


You can find an explanation here: https://www.ericsson.com/research-blog/robust-scrambling-nb-iot-broadcast-channels/. If your statement is correct (i.e. the TMNL setting differs from DT and Vodafoon), this implies that roaming and inter-operability is still a challenge for NB-IoT. Hopefully to be solved soon.

Yes, I have read this before, and this is why I am wondering if this scrambling option we enable or disable when configuring the nb-iot devices according to the provider, is the broadcast physical channel scrambling or something different.
Because as stated in the article this scrambling is mandatory in nb-iot so how come TMNL is disabling it!

I expect that the TMNL network will be upgraded soon. This was planned for last December, but got delayed. See post on the TMNL forum: https://forum.iot.t-mobile.nl/topic/158/radio-access-network-upgrade-13-and-14-december

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