I am using SODAQ SARA AFF with a Vodafone SIM from Italy.
I have successfully updated the firmware of the ublox and I am using the updated SODAQ R4X library, however using the example (‘mqtt_test’) I cannot transmit via MQTT using NB-Iot.
I saw the FAQ and checked that everything is correct.
Can anyone help me solve this problem is urgent.

Hi @jessica,

Vodafone only support UDP over NB-IoT.
MQTT requires TCP.

So unfortunately MQTT + NB-IoT will not work.

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Oh… Thank you so much.
Do you know if other operator can support this kind of transmission?

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Hi @jessica,

All NB-IoT networks I have worked with only support UDP.
The example works with LTE-M and 2G, all LTE-M / 2G networks should support TCP.

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i in italy using the tim operator both mqtt and tcp work well.
I developed an application for my degree thesis using nb-iot mqtt and tcp.

Because I am trying also the Things Mobile sim but it doesn’t connect to the network.
Did you use a standard Tim mobile Sim?

Things Mobile in Italy : “Things Mobile ha copertura in più di 165 Paesi del mondo supportando tutte le reti attualmente disponibili: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, CAT-1, CAT-M1 e prossimamente NB-IoT. In particolare la rete 2G è ancora un’ottima soluzione ovunque, se non sei ancora pronto a passare alla rete 4G LTE.”

i not used a standard sim but a m2m sim provided by tim through university.
I think if you contact tim business directly they can give you more detailed information.

Thank you so much!
I will try to contact them!

Hi , i get a reply from things mobile and they said no support for lte-m nb-iot until first 6 months of 2021…now i’m trying with vodafone sim but with a voice/data sim i cannot connect…i have setup modem to RAT 7,8 , with ublox tools i can see the modem find vodafone italy network but it never connect…do i need a special m2m sim ?
i will use LTE-M to send mqtt message to a private mqtt server via ssl on port 8883 , this type of connection does support tcp with vodafone ?

with sim m2m tim works 100% (contact tim business directly they can give you more detailed information).
mqtt works perfectly, for mqtts you have to ask to sodaq or see on the datasheet if it is supported.