Migration from Autonomo...ONE a good option?

Hey all. We were using the Autonomo for transmission of sensor data within a zigbee/xbee mesh network. The Autonomo was great in that it provided the xBee slot and solar sockets/controller. A 30-50 meter range to the zigbee receiver from the furthest node is all we need. I have considered the Lora board, but wasn’t sure if it was a usable protocol for my application. Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated. The code should be simple to port. However, I would need a LORA serial/USB receiver of some sort to push the data to my PLC. If the ONE is not a good option, I could use an Arduino FIO or possibly get someone to make the boards for me…but I am looking for the shortest path to a solution at this point. Little time to put into this project right now…just need to crank out a few more transmitters. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Bogaat,

Moving from the Autonomo to the One is indeed a small change.

In most examples we have on our website we use LoRaWAN.
I recommend you to look into the differences between LoRa and LoRaWAN.
In addition to a LoRa antenna you will also need to setup a network and application server, this can all be installed locally or in the cloud.

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