MCU changed from shown design

SODAQ ExpLoRer DEV team

I just noticed also the SODAQ ExpLoRer has changed the MCU to



ATSAMD21G18 Quote ‘Microcontroller ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+’

What other changes are you making and not telling the public about?
See guide for your reference.

Please let us all stay on the same PAGE people!

Why do we have no ID for this board showing version numbers etc.
Also, we need an updated change-log from the dev team.

Please pull your fingers out, guys.



PS This has wasted my whole afternoon trying to get this IoT board to work.

Yes, apologies for the confusion caused.

The MCU is the SAMD21 J series, not the G series.

The J series is an upgrade from the G series and provides additional IO pins, ADC channels and TC units.
The details are shown here on page 5:

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Correct, we’re currently correcting the typo on the support page :wink:

@Mark_Edgar Thanks for pointing this out. Also, you should have a version number on the bottom side of your Explorer board, its right under the USB connector.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Many thanks for taking on board my comments.
I do this to make life a little more easy for beginners. :sunglasses:

Rev 5b I have, can I ask what is the latest build and date for the build?
Please include this in one place only, your main site of information.

Also, can we have a change log to support the changes?

The code changes go for all code on your site, not just the ExpLoRer page. :sunglasses:

Also, you need to say about the poor IDE having many copies and getting confused with board ID.
This is JSON related. This issue also needs looking at.

Thanks for the positive feedback.
Sorry for the toilet paper I write.

Goes on and on. lol