Mbili , RS2483 module , enco.io (Proximus Belgium)

A few weeks ago I bought from Proximus (Belgium LoRa provider) an Allthingstalk Kit with a Sodaq Mbili equipped RN2483 module. Connecting to the LoRa Enco.io network (Proximus) works without problems. Nevertheless, the Arduino serial monitor displays Failed to send packet.
Last week I have bought by Sodaq an Mbili equipped with an RS2483 module. I get the same message on the Arduino serial monitor, but the uploaded payload is not arriving at the Lora network
The enco.io network askes me when adding a new LoRa device the “ID of the device (mac address of LoRa modem)” I have used the deveui from the RS2483 module (mac get deveui - 0004A30B001BFC65)
The Enco.io website creates the keys : uint8_t DEV_ADDR[4], uint8_t APPSKEY[16], uint8_t NWKSKEY[16]
I have used this keys similar as with the Allthingstalk kit but it does not work.
Could you give me some advice?

Dear Philippe,

For the ATTALK kit, concerning th emessage ‘Failed to send packet’. I advise you to disable the ACK. We have seen similar issues where the Proximus LoRa network does not return an ACK, or was not received back by the modem, but the message did arrive. I guess you are experiencing he same issue here.

For your other issue. If you gat a valid DEVADDR, APPSKEY and NWSKEY, it should work. If you can not sort it out, i am happy to deliver you a set of working keys. You can contact me via the AllThingsTalk support: support@allthingstalk.com.