Mbili Rev 6b Undocumented solder pad SJ13

I just opened a Rev 6b and there is a solder pad SJ13 that is not documented and not present on previous revisions. Does anyone know what this is for ? Or the thinking behind it ?

This is not the only change between Rev 5 and 6b, it would be good to have information on all the changes and the reasons for them.

Thanks, Steve

The schema for Rev.6b can be found here:

SJ13 connects the solar input to A7 via a voltage divider.
Note that A7 is also used for the interrupt from the RTC via SJ8.
You will only be able to use A7 for one of the two.

Ok thanks again Gabriel.

How would this be made use of ? I guess it would allow measuring if the solar panel was charging, but unfortunately no use to me as I need A7 for the RTC interrupt.

You can use it to measure the voltage coming from the solar panel, and from that work out the solar intensity or the amount of power being supplied by the solar panel (and perhaps log this as well).