Mbili rev 6b Bee power connector missing

I just opened an Mbili rev6b that I had as a backup for testing - my others (all rev 5) are out in the field.

The switched power connector for the GPRSBee power is missing on rev 6b. I cannot find any info about this change, and it will mean that I will have to change to switching approach for the GPRSBee… any advice info ?

I guess I will need to revert to the ‘old’ power system, but this will mean that I cannot test code precisely compared to my field deployed loggers.

Thanks, Steve

With the new revision, have to wire the GPRSbee like this:

The battery is connected directly to the GPRSbee and then also connected to the LiPo socket on the Mbili.

The GPRSbee is switched on and off via the DTR pin of the Bee socket.

You may have issues with this setup if the GPRSbee you have is a Rev.4 or older.

Ok, thanks Gabriel.

Do we know what was the thinking/reason behind this change ?

I believe this switched VBATT socket was only used by the GPRSbee. This was switched by the D23 pin, the same pin connected to the DTR pin on the Bee socket.

The newer revisions of the GPRSbee are switched via the DTR pin (inline with many of the other Sodaq Bee modules). Effectively, the VBATT switch was moved on to the GPRSbee. This made the JP2 socket and switching circuit on the Mbili redundant.