LSM303 Library license

I am currently developing a product that it’s prototype is based on SODAQ ONE.
I’m using the LSM303 Accelerometer and found two libraries:

  1. Adafruit library -
  2. SODAQ library -

The Adafruit library comes with BSD license.
The SODAQ library comes with GNU Lesser General Public License.

I wanted to ask if I can use the SODAQ library on a commercial device and if I’m obliged to publish the code or pay royalties or give credit somehow.
Could someone shed some light on this please?


Hi Ziv,

We greatly encourage people to develop software and (commercial) devices using our SODAQ boards!

So the answer is yes, you can use our libraries on a commercial device that is based on the SODAQ ONE.

Best regards,

Jan Willem Smeenk

Thank you very much Jan!