LoRaWAN gateway advice

Hello everyone,

I am looking for advice to purchase a LoRaWAN gateway to realize a private LoRaWAN network. Who has experiences with the (few) routers available commercially or ‘home made’ solutions using Sodaq/Raspberry PI like devices with a Libelium LoRa module. The latter is fine for me for the time being as in future we might just use a public network.

I have seen just a few options so far:

  • Multitech Conduit EU868 (using EU frequencies)
  • Kerlink
  • ?

I am looking forward to you answers,

Best regards,

Jaap Mulder

Hoi Jaap, take a look at Lorank8 it is in Dutch, but I guess that is no problem for you.

Hi w4e,
Thanks! I’ll have a look at it.