Loraone-accelerometer-magnetometer sample and libraries

Hi All,

I am trying to run the above sample from the support website.

However, it is not clear to me which version of the LSM303 library to use and where to find it. I find libraries from Arduino, Adafruit, but not from Sodaq.

In general, I spent quite some time to find the right libraries. Sometimes I have to use Arduino ones, sometimes the Sodaq Autonomo ones but sometimes they are listed in github.com/SodaqMoja. Why? And can I use all Autonomo libraries for the LoRaOne too?

Can somebody explain me the logics regarding libraries?




I used this one, which seems to work (it seems to be the same as used in the tracker):

Thanks. I will check this in a few days.

In the mean time, I take most libraries from: https://github.com/SodaqMoja?tab=repositories

However, it is always gambling.

To be sure: verify the libraries with the SodaqTracker