LoraBee + Sodaq autonomo


I got an autonomo from the kickstarter and I bought a LoraBee from the webshop.

I uploaded the following sketch:

replacing the keys with the TTN ones and the device address with my own one (i also tried with the orginal ones)
and changing the sendReqAck with a send method
but when starting the InitABP() returns false, as in it fails to “Connect to the Network” (which deducing from another thread just means it failed to save the key/address in the lora module)
and the send() returns NoResponse

I’m about 5 meters away from a Lorank8 gateway
I’m unsure on how to continue, could this means the module is broken? does the usb port of my mac provides not enough juice for the module?

UPDATE: It turns out the the Lorabee is probably switched off, How can I turn it on?
I can see in the schematic that BEE_VCC enable is connected to PA28 but i can not find which pin it is in my program

UPDATE2: It got the example working by setting:

digitalWrite(BEE_VCC, HIGH);

BEE_VCC turned out to be a constant with value 17

I am using the LR1272E LoraBee with the Autonomo, but in compiling I get an error on the include file. De I need to update the EmbitBee.h or EmbitBee.cpp files? The error message in compiling is:

Arduino: 1.6.7 (Mac OS X), Board:“SODAQ Autonomo”

sketch/EmbitBee.cpp:34:21: fatal error: avr/wdt.h: No such file or directory
#include <avr/wdt.h>
compilation terminated.
exit status 1

I changed Embit.ino by adding the devicetype “autonomo” and defining it the same as the Tatu, but with pin 17 for the power on.

Still the sketch is not working with the same error.

According to the error it is missing a dependency (avr/wdt.h)
Maybe this is installable through Arduino’s library manager?

That specific dependency is the Watch Dog Timer.
As far as I know that library is not available on the SAMD21 platform (not yet at least).

I believe it only makes calls to the wdt_reset(), call which are only required if you have the watch dog timer setup.

As a temporary fix you can comment out that include line and then add the following line if required:

#define wdt_reset()

P.S. What library are you using?

I’m using the embitbee library, including Arduino.h and EmbitBee.h in the sketch. Commenting out the include of avr/wdt.h in embitbee.cpp gives no error, but the program hangs at the command “embitbee.init()”.

There is no call to wdt_reset in the program or the embitbee library.

I am experiencing the same problem. I am unable to find any Embit library compatible with Autonomo.

Have a look at this library:

It is a cross platform Watch Dog Timer library/interface that was written to be compatible with both our AVR and SAMD boards. Any library which is dependent on “avr/wdt.h” can be directed to include this library instead.