Lorabee RN2483 powering on

I use an Arduino UNO with a Lorabee. My basic serial passthrough script only works only after I interupt the powersource of the lorabee. It seems that the interruption of the power triggers the lorabee to power on.

I’m sure there is another way to get the lorabee powered up. I tried to send HIGH voltage to the DTR pin (pin 9 on the left side, next to GND). But that did not change a thing.

Any tips?


You should reset the RN2483 properly,

To do that close the SJ1 jumper in LoRaBee and apply a reset pulse (0) via pin 17.

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I don’t know how to close the SJ1 jumper. Is see the SJ1 on my board and I see it in the schematics (http://support.sodaq.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/RN2483.png). Can you tell me how to close SJ1? Thanks!

You will need a soldering iron to do it, is a small one in the back side.

removed, made a wrong conclusion.

Any clue why SJ1 was kept open ?