LoraBee RN2483 module


I just got Aunonomo and LoraBee RN2483 module.
As I am new with Sodaq I would appreciate your help on 2 questions.

  1. Will RN2483 module work (as I see in the forum that JS1 on RN2483 should be closed and JS3 on Autonomo also in order for RN2483 to function ?
  2. Is there a way to directly communicate with and configure the RN2483 module using the commands in Microchip documentation like "mac set , mac get , etc. " ?
  3. If I use Sodaq_RN2483 libraries mentioned in the forum how do I setup the channel and frequency for Lora module ?

Thank you in advance !



  1. The RN2483 works fine. I closed the JS1/JS3 but I did not see any change in behavior.
    The communication with the RN2483 becomes unstable if you use too many retries. Once you get a Timeout or InternalError you have to reset it.

So the examples supplied by Sodaq are not very stable once you get a TimeOut. I changed the source to have a reset.
TimeOut occur when you use the LoRaBee.sendReqAck and the RN2483 doesnt get an Ack back. It will retry the comm and wait again for an Ack. If you use more than 1 retry, you might get a TimeOut.

  1. You can send mac set/get stuff to the serial interface of the RN by using loraSerial.write((char)debugSerial.read());
    and read it by debugSerial.write((char)loraSerial.read()); These command read data from the Serial connection between your PC and the Autonomo (deugSerial) and send it to the serial interface between the Autonomo and the RN

  2. I dont know

let me know if you need the full sources for testing the RN


Hello Jeroen,

Thank you for your reply !
I made a very simple script based on your advise in order to communicate with RN2483 chip , it should activate the LoRa module sending HIGH to Bee_PIN and then
make a serial pass through between RN2483 and Console . But nothing appears on Console , am I missing something ?

here it is:

#include <Sodaq_RN2483.h>
#define debugSerial Serial
// Autonomo
//#define debugSerial SerialUSB
#define loraSerial Serial1
#define beePin BEE_VCC

void setup()
digitalWrite(BEE_VCC, HIGH); // switch on lorabee

void loop()
while (debugSerial.available())

while (loraSerial.available())

I see you use Serial instead of SerialUSB

Comment #define debugSerial Serial and uncomment #define debugSerial SerialUSB

Thanks Jan , you are 100% right.
I will test it , the problem now is I lost connectivity to Autonomo , it is no longer recognized by PC.
But I opened another Topic for this.



Reset the Autonomo,
uploaded the corrected sketch and now I am able to communicate directly with RN2483 using “sys get ver” and other RN2483 specific commands.
As the version is 0.9.5 it seems I will have to update it.
Thank you again Jan !



Just for your information.
I am planning to rewrite the init function (and make it more compatible with our GPRSbee and Sodaq_3Gbee). That way you don’t have to worry about BEE_VCC and stuff

The problem is, I don’t have a LoRaBee (yet). And even worse, there is no base station nearby :frowning: