LoRaBee Examples on Github

The Github examples do not compile … are they intended to be just partial sketches?

this is from the serial passhrough ino

#include <Sodaq_RN2483.h>

// MBili
#define debugSerial Serial
// Autonomo
//#define debugSerial SerialUSB
#define loraSerial Serial1

In the above, I am getting a compile error on #define loraSerial Serial1 … it seems that Serial1 is not defined anywhere. Suppose I am using an UNO R3. Where would I add the definition of Serial1?


The LoRaBee connects to the main board via a UART on the Bee socket.
The Mbili & Autonomo both have two UARTs (Serial & Serial1).

As far as I know the UNO only has a single UART and so only Serial (and not Serial1)
is available.

Try compiling the example for the Mbili board.