LoRa kit + E-ink Display

Hello guys,

I am using the LoRa kit of SODAQ for an IoT solution.
I need an E-ink Display for this solution and I was wondering if any of you had any experience with this kind of display?
Do you recommend any displays, are there any tutorials, are there things that I really have to keep in mind,…

Thanks for the help and the information!!

Keep in mind that the board is 3.3v

Most displays work on 5v, for 5 volt output on the autonomo you need a constant power on the usb.

I was also trying to find some e-ink display for Mbili and I find out this displays:


Probably there are many more compatible displays, but this two are declared to work at 3.3V

I didn’t try any of this now, mostly because they use a lot of pins…

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