LoRa Frequency - SodaqMoja/RN2483FirmwareUpdater

I’m trying to set up an Explorer and SodaqOne in Australia (RN2903 modem). There seems to be a move away from the AU915 to the AS923 bandplan and I’ve currently got a gateway working on AS923.

I think I need to use the firmware updater to set the frequency in the boards.

Is commenting one of these out (in HexFileImage.h) the correct setting?

//#define HEXFILE_RN2903AU_097rc7
//#define HEXFILE_RN2903_098
//#define HEXFILE_RN2903_103

thanks in advance

Dear @awootton,

I will make an update to the RN updater to have the AS923 bandplan.
RN2903 AS923 1.0.5 Sep 21 2018 13:11:52

Best regards,

thanks Jan, that’s great. In the meantime I have got the AU915 frequencies working without using the RN2483 library (instead I’m using TheThingsNetwork.h) but I will changeover when this is fixed as I’m being advised that AS923 is much more straightforward and likely to become the default.