Loop in UniversalTracker?

I am trying the UniversalTracker software that comes with the SodaqOne but cannot see a signal.

Although it is all quite experimental I think I managed to setup a TTN Single Channel Gateway (I do see some messages passing from other users) and I am now trying to get ‘a signal that is sent by my SodaqOne’. In order to get the SodaqOne running, I hooked it up to the Arduino IDE (first time using it;-) and told it (using the serial monitor) what DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey to use. After doing so, Lora was initialized and Boot-up completed successfully!

I expected it to send some signals…though… I don’t see a signal passing in my Gateway. Possibly I have to set some other options as well but as I thought I might find out in the code I instrumented the code with some additional debug information and ended up in a loop in:

bool UBlox::wait(uint16_t rid,int reqLength,void *d)

It seems to (fast)loop forever in:

while (Wire_.available()) {

To me, it looks like this code thinks there will be an answer (I suspect ‘bytes’ to contain an erroneous value) but fails to read it (‘read’ remains 0).

Any clue?
Am I possibly searching in the wrong direction?
Is it working fine with someone else?

Solved. Most likely my mistake. Today I went outdoors and now it doesn’t loop anymore.