Layout or 3D-model of Sodaq ExpLoRer for 3D print a case


I will use the Sodaq ExpLoRer in a project with IoT and LoRa. I would need some kind of box for it and thinking about printing it myself. Is the layout of the PCB or a 3d-model available to make it easier to design the fastening?

Currently using one rev 3, but most likely buying some more cards and then with rev 5.


Dear Golgor,

We don’t have any 3D files yet.

Without the antenna the size is the same as for an Arduino Uno.
Mounting holes are on the same place.


Noticed that there is two mounting hole missing compared to the uno, but that will do just fine anyways, thanks for the answer.


We created a step file and added it to the support pages:

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I know this is an old post, but the link is dead… Does someone still got the file?