Latest Pinout and schematic of SARA SFF R410?

Hi, I am wondering if you could provide the latest pinout and schematic of SARA SFF R410? The one on the support website does not match the board.

One more question, what is the Sara SFF baseboard that is mentioned in the support page for connection to TPH?



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Any more information regarding this board? I too am seeing that the board doesn’t look like the files on the support site.

Hi @Ying and @chrisc,

I added the schematics for the rev. 2 of the sff board.
The latest SFF boardfiles can be found here:

Baseboard for the One and SFF:

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Hi Jan,

Thanks for the schematics, they will definitely come in handy. However, I’m looking to find the SWDIO and SWCLK pads, and the pinout diagram doesn’t match the board that I have. Do you had an updated pinout diagram or definition I can use? Are the 4 new pads on the left side of the USB connector (when the USB connector is up) the breakouts for SWD debugging? If so, which pin is the reset pin?


I am wondering about the polarity of the battery connections for the JST connector on the SARA AFF R410M.
The schematic displays the JST 2PIN-SMT positions (bat=1, GND=2) but not relative to the board.

Is the JST connector pin that is nearer the SIM card, the GND pin; or is it the other way around?
(or did I miss something)?



The 4 extra pins are for the SARA USB. When you solder an USB cable to these 4 pins you can directly talk to the SARA R410 module and update the firmware if required. ( Board are delivered with the latest available firmware )

The pins for SWD debugging are already in this pinout picture.

I made a note that we need to update it with the 4 extra pins.

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We wrote the polarity of the connectors on the pcb.

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Hi Jan,

Many thanks for the latest schematic.

It seems that the latest schematic do not contains the page 2, just wondering if the you can provide the full schematic with the level shifting and SARA module design which match the SARA SFF R410?
According to the schematics you released, I can not find the network for some ports (e.g. LVLSHIFT_ENABLE/2.3E, SARA_USB_IN/2.1C etc. )

Thank you very much!



Thanks for letting me know.
I will make sure the 2nd page will be added.

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