Issues receiving UDP packets from SARA N211 on own server

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on sending data packages to our own server using the NSOSTF command. Which seems to work fine when I send data to the Ublox Echo server. See image below:

I’m sending some mock data to the UBlox Echo server using the Vodafone network, judging by the fact that I get a +NSONMI back (the echoo’d message), the communication works fine.

Yet when I try to send data to our own server here, nothing arrives. As far as I know the firewall isn;t blocking anything on the selected port, it’s open.

Do you have any ideas?


Hi @M.Bend,

Can you send us your IMEI, CCID and destination IP?
Then we can contact Vodafone about the issue. Probably your destination IP isn’t white-listed by Vodafone.

Best regards,