Is it compatible Arduino YUN with NBIoT Shield

Hi all!

It is not working this sample with Arduino YUN. The Shield never responds anything.

All the sensors are respoding correctly, but we never have any response from the Ublox

Can you confirm if Arduino YUN is compatible with NBIoT Shield? I was thinking that would be similar than a Leonard board,


David Liras

Which UART are you using in the sketch for communicating with the Ublox module?

I donĀ“t think the root of the problem would be the UART. I think the problem could be with serial ports.
While Leonardo uses Serial1 to communicate with UBLOX, in the case of YUN, serial1 is using to connect to Linino.
DO you know if there is another way to connect?

Thanks in advance.

David Liras

Yes I believe the issue is with the unique configuration of the UARTs/Serials on the YUN board.

You could try connecting the shield to the YUN via jumper wires. Then you could try using SoftwareSerial.

At a minimum you will need to connect the D7 (for enabling the NBIoT module), 3.3V, and GND pins.
Additionally, you will need to connect the D0/D1 on the shield to the two pins, on the YUN, you are using for the software serial.