IoT platform connection


Im trying to connect one NB-IoT deluxe board into this platform
The only way to connect it with the platform is through COAP but to make it effective i need to add to
the ip a code for the thing connected such as this.

nbiot.connect(“nb.inetd.gdsp”, ““**/v2/things/HE-9DkZKTU3LygHUcoeNZhjAfwkXlckPxHmKEeCPjTs**”,5683”, “20404”)

But I’m not sure the library will accept this.

Do you think this could work?

Here’s some info


The library should not, and hopefully will not accept this.

With CoAP the device sends to your network operators bridge (CDP), so NOT to any endpoint.
In the application settings of your network operator the data is forwarded to an end-point.
Contact your network operator where you can configure the correct end-point.
In your case the end-point is